Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Willy Ashworth said...


They're all great but this one really turns my crank!


-TiGH- said...

Thanks Willy! Yep, it's all done in p/s on a cintiq. I just saw the movie for the first time last week - it was great!

Willy Ashworth said...

So painterly!!

Custom brushes? Well done.

I considered a Cintiq, and may yet get one, but i have to say i like my tablet.

Have you tried Sketch Book Pro yet? I'm digging it!!


Damn good movie huh?

Andre Barnwell said...

Kick ass.

Neil Dignam said...

Hey Tigh,

Your work is great and I'm glad to hear your doing so well. Haven't seen you in ages. I've been trying to track you down this past week. Send me an email at neildignam@hotmail.com when you get this and I'll let you know why.

Glad to see your doing great.