Friday, April 11, 2008

Okay, just some sketches today... Jackie Karma sketch pencils, a life drawing and some quick reference doodles from various movies... now it's back to the drawing board!


Willy Ashworth said...


This off the cuff life drawing and movie sketches are some of my faves that I've seen here.

Not that the rest don't impress, but for me, I like this quick draw stuff a great deal.

kalle said...

Tigh. Great ish#3. Keep it up you drawin' bastard!!!

-TiGH- said...

Willy: Thanks very much! How's it goin' out in PEI?

Kalle: Thanks for pickin' it up man! Glad you liked it! Next issue things heat up a bit... some punches get thrown, some shirts get ripped off... y'know, the usual...

L.F. Addison said...

OKAY PLEASE TELL ME I HAVE A GOOD EYE. The chick with the ripply shoulder sleeves is from Dazed and Confused!!! I actually remembered this drawing because I was on here yesterday! BIG FAN! KEEP IT UP!

lol please tell me i have a good eye

-TiGH- said...

You've got a good eye good sir:)
She is indeed from Dazed and Confused!