Sunday, July 22, 2007

So, these pages make up the second installment of 'The Boxer' created and penned by wordsmith extraordinaire Seth Peck. Letters by the indomitable B. Clay Moore and drawings by yours truly. The first Boxer story was printed in Clay's Image Comic-'The Expatriate' #4. This one was drawn way back when we were first starting in on '76 and I thought it might be cool to post it up here for you guys to gander at. I really like the way Seth set this story up, changing venues for the duration of the conversation. I enjoyed working on it, I hope you enjoy reading it and I look forward to seeing where Seth takes Ben in future stories of 'The Boxer'.


kalle said...

Nice stuff tigh. Really nice! Keep it up you.

-TiGH- said...

Thanks Kalle!

Braden said...

Hey man,

This stuff fucking rocks! Keep fighting the good fight! that is comic art that actually tells us a story and isnt supersaturated with unneccessary details. Ill have to pick up 76' when i see it in stores.
You going to be at TCAF or Fanexpo with Issues yet?

B. Clay Moore said...

Sheesh. I just noticed I merged the balloons with the borders in all but the first page, and missed two typos.


-TiGH- said...

Thanks Braden! (The 'actually telling a story part' credit goes to Seth Peck though - he's writing our half of '76 as well) I checked out your blog - good stuff - I really dig the life drawings:) That's the #1 thing I miss from Sheridan... soak up that life drawing while you can!!! And nope - I didn't get to any cons this year unfortuneatly - the first issue of '76 won't be out until early 2008 - I'll post up a definite date when it gets narrowed down:)
Clay: I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. And you didn't miss em' good sir,you just caught em'!:)

Rosalyn said...

Good words.