Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A page from '76#3. Clay and Seth have started up a '76 blog (which is being updated quite frequently) accounting the process of getting this comic up and running - click here to check it out.


Willy Ashworth said...

hello tigh

missed you at the push up club today.

no matter.

nice to see you've hit the big time. i always new you were a big time guy. no surprise then, but a good thing all the same.

good day for a popsicle, huh?

btw..none of MY CHEESE has ever been accidental.

momentally on purpose, all the way, and i'm proud of it.

great walker drawings here as well, it must be said. there..i've said it.

write soon, the kids miss ya!

your pal


-TiGH- said...

Willy - the first goddam rule of pushup club is what?!? That's what I thought...
I'll let this one slide;)
-The big time? I haven't hit anything yet... but I'm still swingin' away!
-Yes, a delicious popsicle would be good right about now - it's too freakin' hot out!
-Thanks Willy!
What's new with you big guy? Shoot me an email!