Monday, March 05, 2007


CHRIS CANN said...

tighland how you been bro, nice stuff as always, hows life and the big milton express ,,hahah ,, i miss stairing at you through the gap in our desks, my little cowala bear. be safe and hit me back when your in town,,,peace chris

chris chua said...

wow...I love your brushwork and ink style:) Can I hope to one day see these in color?!

Pete said...

Waddup, Tigh!
Nice page! I especially like the last panel how the guy's hand is grabbing the frame. Awsome work as always!

Jkim said...

Nice work. Your backgrounds and compositions are getting so good.
This one is HOT!!

Lawrence Lam said...

awesome as always! keep it up, mr. t.

Drazen said...

another super fine page Tigh!

-TiGH- said...

Hey-o! Thanks for all the kind words fella's!

Big C - Good to hear you're back in town:) - how's things? How the hey was Italy? Sincerely, your little cowala bear.

Chris Chua - thanks! As for the pages in colour - we're actually doing the book in black and white with some greytones in it... You've got some really great stuff on your blog by the by!

Pete - Welp... we're still chuggin' away on Iggy... anything new with you?