Friday, November 03, 2006


Jkim said...

Hey great stuff TIGH!!
you are a savage with a pencil...

Had we ever talked about Dean Cornwell...the so called "dean" of illustrators. Well his stuff reminds me of your drawings..SOLID

and you know what..when this dries up one will even notice..

CHRIS CANN said...

really nice tighland, is that peter in the top left?
peace cc

-TiGH- said...

Hey o!!!
Thanks Jason:) - I do remember you telling me about Cornwell - he's just good! I'll tell ya' what else is just good - that batgirl life drawing you just put up! And just so's you know - I'm still bigtime jealous that you get to jimmy up the life drawing in the first place!
Mr. Chris - thankyou good sir - but alas that is not our dear Pete... just some sleepy guy who could pass as sweet Pete's tired, long lost brother.